Hi. I'm Sinan Can Sürücü.

I am a Software Engineer

I graduated from Bahçeşehir University, Mathematics and Computer Science. I also finished studying in Boğaziçi University on Software Engineering M.S. program.

My interests are; artificial intelligence, robotics, startups, leadership, innovation, self-development, philosophy and geometry.

What I do, What I am good at

I am a software developer working on Mobile Web apps.

Also I have interest in AI and its applications, trying to do some research and practices.

React JS

A javascript library for building user interfaces.


I used AngularJS for a Single-Page Application in one of my MSc projects.


Knockout is a web framework o MVVM pattern for web development, that I also used in developing Online Banking Platform for Akbank.


Durandal is another Single-Page Application framework that I used in developing Online Banking Platform for Akbank.


In university I studied with Java, would say no to work with Java.


I worked in a few Android projects.


I started coding for iOS recently.


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Work Experiences.

These are the companies that I worked for


Mobile Application Developer - Software Development Team Lead

Blog Posts

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